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Precision, elegance and state-of–the-art engineering is only the surface of McGard’s brilliantly executed two piece Spline Drive tuner design. McGard lug nuts are machined from restricted chemistry stainless steel and naval brass (made in the UNITED STATES), which not only brings a whole new dimension to the world of aftermarket performance, but guarantees the life and structural integrity of each and every McGard piece.

This unique two piece Spline Drive construction insures even distribution of torque load and uniform seating to the wheel, all while the special zinc plating on the seating surface of the tuner lug enhances torque tension. A true innovation, putting these McGard lugs way ahead of the competition.

These Spline Drive lugs are a no-compromises patented design, engineered lighter and stronger to fit small diameter recesses in both aftermarket and new tuner style wheels. Guaranteed for life by McGard.

Matching Tuner Wheel Locks - Serious theft protection for your valuable tuner wheels and tires.
• Closed-end design and narrow groove key patterns for maximum security.
• Small diameter lock and key design fits close tolerance lug holes.
• Weight matched to SplineDrive lug nuts.
• Unique one piece wheel lock functions like an existing lug nut/bolt, but requires a special key (tool) for removal.

Genuine McGard wheel locks finish off your tuner wheel package.

**Lug nuts are intended for use with aftermarket wheels only. (Tuner wheels or wheels with very small lug nut holes.)
**Lugs are purchased in bulk so you will not receive retail packaging. Locks are in sealed retail package.